4.1 compile failure: v.cutter

Greg Koerper greg at towhee.cor2.epa.gov
Fri May 14 11:39:43 EDT 1993


Thanks for the message.  Given Sun's unbundling of the C compiler, I'm trying
to wean myself off of cc.  And now I'm almost finished (I've got some 
problem in the last item of XGRASS, xgrass/xdigit, to look at from last
night's compilation).

I had one other rather strange event I haven't tracked down yet.  I used
setup in a normal fashion, but it failed to place the -I flag for the
compiler as a prefix for $XMINCPATH, the Motif include path.  This brought
the XGRASS compilation to a halt.  I manually edited the file CMD/head/sun4
to patch the Gmakefile problem, but I haven't had time to explore the setup
script yet to figure out what happened.

Anyone have a similar event?


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