Vector structure

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue May 18 15:51:59 EDT 1993

Dave Hyduke (dave at writes on 17 May 93:
>I'm looking at a possible extension to GRASS vector for general
>networking, i.e. least-cost routine and variations.  Do you know
>of any existing GRASS compatible code in this area?  Is there
>documentation on the details of the dig_plus file structure? code

There are several places where raster data has been used for this
(e.g., drainage).  It's unfortunate that the vector side of things
have mainly been used for map development - there's some applications
that are much better suited for vector data.  I'm giving a 
GIS Intro in a few minutes to a group of rural electric
coop people - I hesitate to recommend GRASS because a raster
representation of a power line doesn't seem quite right, and
the support facilities for a vector representation do not seem
to be fully developed.

if you really take the time to "look under the hood" (as Greg
puts it), a real service the the GRASS community would be
dig_plus.5 (that is, a man page describing this file format).


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