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Subject: Re: error in utils/setup for GRASS 4.1
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Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 13:47:25 GMT
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>There is an error in the utils/setup script for GRASS 4.1 that brought
>my XGRASS compilation to a halt.  The head/<machine> file that was generated
>failed to include a critical '-I' flag.  I suggest the following changes
>to correct assignments to $XINCPATH and $XMINCPATH:

>if test "$XINCPATH" != ""
>#   XINCPATH = -I$XINCPATH      ### error in original script ###
>if test "$XMINCPATH" != ""
>#   XMINCPATH = -I$XMINCPATH    ### error in original script ###

Please send bug reports to grassbug at (as well
as posting them here, if you like). Posting them here but not sending
them to grassbug bypasses OGI mechanism for bug reporting.
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