GIS job in Florida

Peter Strong nps!peter at
Thu May 20 19:24:42 EDT 1993

Johnson Controls Worldwide Services is looking for a GIS-knowledgeable
Marketing/Sales Manager for their newly acquired Technicolor Graphics
Services division.  The job entails creating a strategic marketing
plan for the division and responding to Government and private sector
requests for proposals for GIS and related work.  (As an independent
company, TGS provided a wide variety of GIS services to the Government
and other clients.) Requirements: 10-15 years experience in a scientific
or technical field, including GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or
related experience.  Address inquiries to George A. Martelon,
303-832-8100, fax 303-832-9346.
Location:   Cape Canaveral, FL.
Pay range:  $50,000-70,000.

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