Help in debugging

Mike McSherry mmcsherr at
Mon Nov 8 19:19:56 EST 1993


I have installed Grass 4.1 along with the data and imagery acquired from the  
network on a SUN SPARC Station 2 running SUN OS Release 4.1.1. 

When I try to start the graphics monitor the following message is displayed 
to the 'd.mon start=x0' command:

   GRAPH_SET: Can't open 
   Please start graphics monitor <x0>

The system does not have Motif installed on it, is this a requirement?  
It has OpenLook instead.  I basically took the defaults for the compiler,
loader and other settings and it found the X11 libraries etc, ok.  All the 
files and directories have open access.

Does anyone have an answer for this one?

Thanks in advance.

Mike McSherry
USDA, Fort Collins, CO

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