SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.X

(Kenji Okamoto) okamoto at
Mon Nov 8 14:11:00 EST 1993

Hi, Glenn,

I compiled the xgrass on our SparcII with 4.1.3 with Motif 1.2.
Some patching work is neccessary, but it's very small.
For example, you have to define Max, Min etc in some file.

As the binary distribution of xgrass has many problems on our configuration,
we had to recompile the xgrass.  We got Motif 1.2 (so, not 1.1!!), which
added some problem.  Another, and the most serious problem was concerned
with our frame buffer (cgtwelve), which could not deal with 8-bit color
plain server comes with vanilla X11R5.   We tried Xsun24 patch also, which
also had made no sense.  This is because the xgrass (also grass XDRIVER, too)
is not desighed for 24 bit color plain.  So, at that time, I was using OpenWin 
X server with xgrass.

The user interface of xgrass looks nice, but it seems somewhat
unstable...  For example, sometimes grass command window disappeared,
the edit window does not work correctly, sometimes hang up the server.
No manual on xdisplay :-)

I tried to use xgrass, and now, I have returned back to grass4.1.  
This is more reliable base, I think.
However, I am waiting this kind of user interface would be attached on
top of the grass.


Most serious problem may concern with our frame buffer card(cgtwelve).
I had been using OW's X server with 

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