SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.X

Murray Bent murrayb at
Sat Nov 6 16:36:33 EST 1993

Hi Glenn,

I compiled GRASS4.1 on Solaris2.2, without Motif.

There are 30 second delays just running g.region .
I haven't attempted digitising. The command window sometimes disappears.

In general I find Solaris 2.2 to be something to avoid, and
by the time you read this Solaris 2.3 will be out officially anyway.

I have used a Consensys SVR4 with Motif on a 486 and found it to be a
better GRASS platform than the Solaris2.2 box. But from the 2.3 beta we
have tried here, there is enough improvements and inclusion of X11R6
functionality that I'm willing to say try it, and do likewise. There is
good support for statically-linked 4.1 applications anyway, but for some
reason the 4.1 Framemaker window won't work on 2.3 .


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