xgDisplay refresh I am developing an application that involves updateing a raster file in real- time. I would like to have the display on xgDisplay update periodically with new the new data. Is there a way to goose xgDisplay into re-reading and displaying a raster file using an external stimulus such as a signal? I suspect such a change is simple enough but I thought I'd ask before I tear into the code.

Andy Burnett burnett at lincoln.cecer.army.mil
Thu Nov 18 11:44:33 EST 1993

    There is nothing built in to xgdisplay that will allow you to do this.
The way it handles maps is to draw them into a pixmap first then copy that
pixmap onto the drawing canvas.  So if an expose event is received, it
just recopies the pixmap, it doesn't actually go out and get the map data
again and then redraw it.


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