GRASSHopper Digest Editors sought

Mark P. Line markline at
Mon Nov 22 23:57:48 EST 1993

It was suggested in my previous post of 10/10/93 that a monthly digest of
useful information from the GRASSHopper lists should be published as a
paper periodical. There were more responses than I had expected, and the
general tenor was very favorable (with a couple of exceptions). 
Subscriptions will be available after the ISSN number has been assigned
and the price has been set. 

Work on the first issue can begin as soon as an initial editorial board
has been set up. The intent behind this editorial division of labor is not
only to allow us to concentrate on general editing, typesetting and other
production matters, but also to allow members of the GRASS community with
particular expertise in one or more areas to contribute to the production
of high-quality digest articles each month. The idea is not to distribute
mail messages as hardcopy, but to produce a well-indexed and easy-to-use
monthly summary of the knowledge represented in the many expert
contributions that are sent out. 

We are therefore seeking editorial assistance among the members of the
GRASS community at this time. Each editor will be responsible for texting
digest articles in one or more rubrics (see below). Credit will be given,
in each digest article, to the originators of the material digested.
Royalties will be paid to the digest authors based on circulation and text
volume contributed. Any rubrics not covered by the editorial board we will
digest ourselves until editors can be found. 

I would be especially pleased if graduate students with knowledge of one
or more aspects of GRASS were to offer their services as digest editors.

I should also add that it is *not* a prerequisite that a digest editor be
a native speaker of English. Good active command of English is necessary,
of course, but all articles will go through general editing by us before
being typeset.

The following rubrics might be good candidates for coherent digest
articles (not necessarily every rubric every month, though): 

-- organizational matters (OGI, OGF, vendors?)
-- specific central hardware or OS ports
-- peripherals
-- drivers
-- import/export problems
-- raster analysis programs
-- vector programs
-- imagery programs
-- integration with relational DBMS
-- integration with other related software
-- applications
-- varia

To pen the digest articles for a rubric, it is only necessary that you
understood the (correct) answers once they were contributed. It is not
necessary that you could have answered each of them yourself.

If more than one offer of editorship is received for a given rubric, we'll
let the bidders hash out among themselves who is best qualified. If that
doesn't work, I have a good pair of dice. 

So, if you're interested in digesting one or more of these (or other,
unmentioned) rubrics, please contact me directly by e-mail, phone or fax.
Again, we can begin on the first issue as soon as it is clear how the work
is to be divided up this first time around. 

-- Mark

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