graphic window on RS6000 aix3.2

Agustin Lobo agust at eno.Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 22 17:42:19 EST 1993

I've compiled grass4.1 on an IBM RISC6000 (AIX 3.2) and it works fine.
I just have a problem that I had not seen on other machines:
The graphic window that I open with d.mon does not get redrawn when
I resize it, iconify it or simply when I put another window over it.
I pressume this is not a grass problem but I have to define something
on my .Xdefaults or .xinitrc files. Anybody out there working with
Rs6000 has any idea of what to do?


Agustin Lobo
Dpt. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Princeton University

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