GRASS modeling

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue Oct 5 12:21:13 EDT 1993

Shen Lu (slu at writes on 5 Oct 93:
>The on-line manual entry for r.mapcalc does make reference to if
>statements, but it does not elaborate.  Presumably, I can write a

There should be a reference to the r.mapcalc tutorial (I didn't 
check - maybe there is, maybe there isn't).

>script that invokes a series of GRASS commands, any one of which may
>be in a loop.  Any help on how to do this, on the extent of

just as you would do in normal script programming.
For example, in csh:

foreach file ($LOCATION/cell)
  d.rast $file:t
  sleep 10

>programming functions available in GRASS, and on how to get real time
>displays of model results would be appreciated.  
>  Please reply to :   slu at

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