Cannot get ltplus to run

James A. Farley jim at
Wed Oct 13 11:42:12 EDT 1993

Bob Atnip writes:
> I'm having trouble with ltplus.  The files "ltpgo & ltplus" were located in my 
> /home/atterbury/grass/4.1/ltp/bin directory.  When I tried to type ltpgo I got   the error message "No such command '/usr/local/ltp/bin/ltplus'".  I copied the 
> "ltpgo & ltplus" files to /usr/local/ltp/bin directory, then when I typed 
> ltpgo I got the message:
>                setting internal variables:  paths.h
>       from:  /usr/local/ltp
>                          Welcome to Line Trace Plus.
>                          Version  2.22 Dabritz/Jonson/Martin, 
> Loading lookup tables.   Done.
> Loading configuration variables.
>  error in initialize:  get_config failed to execute.
> Line Trace Plus terminating.

In order for ltplus to execute correctly the following directories need to 
be at the same level as the bin containing ltplus, ltpgo:
bin             dictionary      ibm             map_lists
config          digitizers      incl            maps
cursor_keys     digmenus        macros          menus
dictionaries    export          make_links      pens

These directories are found under src.related/LTPLUS after compilation. I believe
the problem you are encountering has to do with the code locating the dir config.

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