GIS Position Vacancy - Corvallis, OR

Greg Koerper greg at
Thu Dec 15 15:18:40 EST 1994

Dear Colleague,

The following position is open with ManTech Environmental Research Services
Corporation in Corvallis, Oregon.  Please bring this position to the attention 
of interested colleagues.  For more information contact Human Resources at
the number listed below.

Thank you,

George A. King

December 12, 1994



CLASSIFICATION: Scientist/Senior Scientist

REFERENCE NUMBER:       4512-031/1294 (cite in all correspondence)

CLOSING DATE:           January 4, 1995

ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  Participate in team oriented research on the effects of
climate change and enhanced CO2 concentrations on forests by, in order of
importance: 1) spatial analysis and modeling using primarily raster, and
some vector based, GIS systems,  2) modifying, writing and documenting
computer code for simulating the dynamic response of vegetation to a
changing environment, 3) conducting scientific data analyses using a wide
spectrum of software applications, 4) designing summary maps and
diagrammatic materials, and 5) designing and implementing quality control
procedures for spatial modeling. The research will be conducted on an
extensive distributed network of about  30 UNIX work-stations (primarily
Sun SparcStations using SunOS 4.1.3, with color displays and 32-96 Mbytes
of memory), with several color printers and plotters, CD readers, a R/W
optical system, 8mm, 1/4" and 1/2" tape systems, and approximately 65
gigabytes of disk storage.  This network supports the public domain
software from the Free Software Foundation (Gnu), as well as GRASS,  IPW,
ArcInfo, PCI, PV-Wave, TecPlot, Spyglass, SAS, S-Plus, Lotus 123,
Mathematica, and Island Graphics software.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum requirements include:  1) MS/MA in geography,
ecology, forestry, computer science (with coursework in biology, botany, or
ecology), or related field.  The MS/MA degree may be substituted by a BS
degree and 3 years of equivalent and related work experience;  2)
demonstrated experience using GIS software, either GRASS or ArcInfo;  3)
demonstrated experience using raster processing, data analysis and data
visualization software, (e.g. PV-WAVE, S-Plus, IPW); 4) demonstrated
experience operating in the UNIX environment; 5) demonstrated experience
with C programming languages; 6) some FORTRAN experience; and 7)
demonstrated ability to communicate orally and in writing.  Applicants must
provide three professional references that will confirm job
responsibilities and organizational contri-butions.  Preferred candidates
will possess experience with:  1) modeling of ecological processes and
properties; and 2) developing computer models to run in a GIS environment
including developing the input data bases, managing the output data layers,
and displaying and analyzing the results. Physical demands:  The ability to
use a computer keyboard and to read a computer screen and detailed map

Application:  Send a cover letter specifically addressing how you meet the
minimum and preferred qualifications for this position, a resume, salary
requirements, and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three
professional references by the January 4, 1995 closing date to:

Human Resources
ManTech Environmental Research Services Corporation
1600 SW Western Blvd
Corvallis, OR 97333

FAX: 503-758-0821



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