Library dependencies

Conn Copas cvc at
Thu Dec 15 21:27:04 EST 1994


I have what is really a Unix/C question, however it is relevant to this whole
issue of 'why are people scared to compile GRASS'?

On our Solaris 5.3 system, one of the Motif libraries ( fails to
link unless the symbols 'regex' and 'regcmp' are defined in an additional
library which, by trial-and-error, I discovered to be /usr/ccs/lib/libgen.a.
Comp.lang.c is full of such titbits about inter-library dependencies, but
where does all this expertise originally come from? ie, what I would like is
some systematic method of interrogating the system in order to find out where
various symbols are defined. One low-level way of doing it is to write a
program which trawls through every lib file and invokes dlsym(), but I had
something a bit more user-friendly in mind. Am I missing something here?

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