another stupid grass libraries question

Tue Feb 1 15:56:47 EST 1994

Hi  Grass hoppers

thanks to all the people who answered my last question!

I have now successfully compiled my libraries, and am testing them 
out on simple programs.

I have written a very short program to see if my system works,  
basically it just calls the G_gisinit function.  On using gmake4.1 
everything works find except I get the message

 ld_G_location_path undefined.

(I assume this is a function G_gisinit calls)

using the unix "nm" command I can see that the library libgis.a does in 
fact only contain a reference to it rather than a definition.  None of the 
other libraries I have (eg vask,rowio etc) define it.  What am I doing 

This is the program


    int argc;
    char *argv[];

cheers   Tom

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