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Adam J. Richter adam at
Tue Feb 1 22:54:00 EST 1994

COMPONENT:     gnuplot
SOURCES:       usr/src/usr.bin/gnuplot-3.5
CONTRIBUTOR:   grassp-list at
MAILING LISTS: gnuplot-bugs at
               gnuplot-developers at
               gnuplot-questions at
	       gnuplot-answers at
MAILING LIST LOGS (available by anonymous FTP):

2 February 1994

Dear Free Software Developer:

	To improve communications in the free software community,
Yggdrasil Computing has created 1,396 automated mailing lists on for 349 free software components.  This free service
should produce the following benefits:

	1. Developers can spend less time maintaining mailing lists.
	2. Repetitive questions will be reduced because the logs of
	   these mailing lists will be available from
	3. Bugs will be reported more quickly, because users won't have
	   to do as much research to determine where to send bug reports.
	4. Potential contributors will be able to reach other free
	   software developers more easily.

	We have created separate "-bugs", "-developers", "-questions"
and "-answers" mailing lists so that you can choose which types of
email that you're interested in receiving or route these lists to
different folders.  You have not been added to these lists.  To add
yourself to any of these mailing lists, just copy the following commands
into a shell window:

echo subscribe gnuplot-answers grassp-list at | mail listserv at
echo subscribe gnuplot-bugs grassp-list at | mail listserv at
echo subscribe gnuplot-developers grassp-list at | mail listserv at
echo subscribe gnuplot-questions grassp-list at | mail listserv at

	If you answer a question about gnuplot, please cc your answer
to gnuplot-answers at  Like the other mailing lists,
the "-answers" mailing lists will be logged in anonymously FTPable files
that users will be able to check to avoid asking questions that other
users have already answered.  All of the mailing lists are logged in
anonymous FTPable files, but the "-answers" mailing list log will
presumably be the most useful.

	Do not be alarmed if you receive many copies of this message.
That just means that you have been invited to join a number of mailing
lists, most of which will probably have very little traffic.

        You can add or delete any email address that you like
to and from these lists.  If the function of one of these mailing lists
is already duplicated elsewhere, then please replace the contents
of our mailing list with the email address of the other mailing list.
We are not trying to create competing mailing lists, but do want to
make sure that mail that is sent to foo-{developers,bugs,questions}
at is routed to the correct people, so please make
sure that these mailing lists do the right thing.

	We are interested in expanding this service in the future.  We
invite the developers of other free software packages to contact us
with package names and lists of developers' email addresses so that we
can set up additional mail aliases'.  We are only interested in
setting up mailing lists for software that is free in at least the GNU
sense.  In the future, we would like to implement a bug tracking
database accessible through telnet and perhaps also with an X-windows
interface.  Some sort of connection to source trees and regression
testing would be nice too.  Perhaps some sort of tie-in to usenet news
instead of or in addition to email would be helpful.  If you have
other ideas for automated free services that would add useful
infrastructure to the free software community, please let us know,
especially if you are volunteering to implement them.

	For those of you who have diligently waded through this email
message, we at Yggdrasil would like to thank you for your contribution
to gnuplot.  If you are an author of gnuplot, we would like
to offer you a free copy of our product, LGX, a plug-and-play
Linux-based operating system comprised entirely of free software.  For
more information on our free copy offer, FTP the file
pub/for-contributors/free-copy-offer from

	If you do not qualify as an author of the free software in
LGX, you may be able to get a free copy by actively helping with the
"-questions" mailing lists.  When the Winter 1994 release comes out,
we will randomly select 100 of the messages logged in the "-answers"
mailing lists, and offer each of the authors of those messages a free
copy.  We reserve the right to disqualify any messages that are not
answers to real users' questions.

	Happy Hacking!

Adam J. Richter
Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated

P.S. The initial list that this message has been mailed to was generated
by scanning the source trees listed at the top of this message in the
SOURCES field.  Please invite anybody who wants to join one of these mailing
lists to do so by sending mail to listserv at with the line
"subscribe <mailing-list>" in the body.  Here is a list of who has already
been contacted:
David.Kotz at
EMAIL=bug-gnuplot at
EMAIL=grassp-list at
Francois.Dagorn at
Pal.Hedne at
RobertE at
alexlehm at
amr at
archie at
bigler at
broman at
bug-gnuplot at
campbell at
caryr at
chan at
christo at
clarkmp at prony.Colorado.EDU
clipper at
cliu at
comp-graphics-gnuplot-faq_746677383 at
crowl at
d-lewart at
danm at
daveg at
davis at
dbt at
dfk at
djlinse at
djm at
dwalton at
efrank at
empleop at
eric at
fearick at
ferguson at
fhis1231 at
ftpmail at
gershon at
gildea at
grassp-list at
gregor at
gwhite at
haan at
holtz at
honoo at
ian at
ig25 at
info-gnuplot-beta at
info-gnuplot at
isaac at
jdc at
jgrosh at
jimr at
johnston at
jvdwoude at
kaph6 at
khc at
kssingvo at
lihn at
lippert at
luechen at
luecken at
marius at
masaki at
maurice at
mccauley at
mckenney at
merritt at
mgr at
moeller at
mrb2j at kelvin.seas.Virginia.EDU
mustafa at
news at
nholtz at
ntomczak at
olav at
oliveria at
olof at
parks at
ph12hucg at
pinard at
prf at
przemek at
ray at
rjh2 at
rjl at
rkc at
ron at
rshouman at
russo at
schuh at
shen at
siglun at
ssclift at
stegerc at
strobel at
sun!!YAMAMOTO at
tbopp at
tkacik at
tom at
tony at gvgpvd.GVG.TEK.COM
toy at
tpw at
veenstra at
vsnyder at
wew at
william at
woo at
zhang at

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