James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Feb 3 10:14:04 EST 1994

Ronald Thomas (ront at niwot.CFNR.ColoState.EDU) writes on 3 Feb 94:
>PK -- We have the same setup, running GRASS4.1 on a SPARCclassic with
>Solaris 2.2:  and no v.digit.  We have had to keep an old workstation
>(SUN 386i) active runnig GRASS4.0 & SunOS 4.0.2 in order to run the
>digitizer.  This subject was brought up before on the lists, but never 
>resolved.  I'm not sure if it is a SOLARIS 2.x problem or a GRASS 4.1

>v.digit runs like a DOG in "no digitizer" mode, something to do with 
>the fifo's and SOLARIS, I've been told.  Does your v.digit run without

it's dogish even when using a digitizer because it still communicates
with the display. We don't have an ALTEK but a CALCOMP, and the new
v.digit works well with this under 4.1.x (not 2.x). These seems to
indicate that the problem may be with Solaris and/or the something
specific to the altek. We just recently moved everything to 2.3, but I
haven't had a chance to try it yet.

The "puck must be on the pad" problem has/had to do with the way
that the software are designed. I thought that this was fixed, but
maybe not.

Another possible reason for v.digit problems that I gathered from sun
gurus was that the serial port interface was supposedly changed on
newer machines.  I can't confirm or deny that this is the problem (I
lean towards the latter), but only offer it as another possibility.

>Also, I think v.digit was changed in GRASS4.1, and there is a "v.digit2" or
>"v.digit.old" code around which is the GRASS4.0 v.digit -- can anyone 
>shed some light on this?  Has ANYONE got an ALTEK AC31 running WELL on

you're correct. The old v.digit is not v.digit2. As I recall, 
instructions for using the older one are at the end of the installation


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