PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Thu Feb 3 14:55:25 EST 1994

	I am not fimiliar with Solaris. However, with 486PC plateform,
USL UNIX system V release 4.2, my v.digit in GRASS 4.1 could work well
with "no digitizer". 
	I know there is v.digit2, which is the backward compatible version
of GRASS4.0. However, I do not have two machine to run both version of
GRASS4.1 and GRASS4.0. 
	I think if you wrote your problem in a more detailed way, the people
in the GRASS society may help you out. Even they can't, at least CERL may
notice the problem and solve it in the next release.

	Good luck.

		PK Lin
		E-mail: pklin at
		Tel: (617)942-1655

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