GRASS Database Schema?

Ken Hardis hardis at
Mon Feb 21 19:37:45 EST 1994

I would like to learn about the database schema
used by GRASS for spatial and aspatial (attribute)
information (i.e. is it relational, or e-r?).  If
anyone has this information or could point me in
the right direction for appropriate documentation,
I would appreciate it.

Also, my ultimate goal is to evaluate GRASS as an
environment for doing spatial and aspatial reasoning
(querying) with data derived from the U.S. Department
of Defense - Project 2851 Standard Simulator Database
Interchange Format (SIF) for High Detail Input/Output
(SIF/HDI).  Thus, I need to learn about GRASS database
query language(s)?  Anyone interested, or know more??

					Ken Hardis
					Visual Systems Scientist
					Institute for Simulation & Training
					Visual Systems Lab
					@University of Central Florida
Ken Hardis           Institute for Simulation & Training      
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