Concurrent d.rast

Conn Copas cvc at
Tue Jul 5 04:52:27 EDT 1994

I have a problem trying to display graphics to several monitors simultaneously.
What I have done is started a number of monitors, and then written a script
which contains instructions like:

	d.mon select=x0
	d.rast <map1>&
	d.mon select=x1
	d.rast <map2>&

Each 'd.rast' command spawns a separate process, but these seem to interfere
with each other, with the result that some monitors wind up blank. Questions:
(a) Am I trying to do something which the X driver does not support? I have
noticed that most demo scripts write to graphics monitors in a sequential
fashion (still on release 4.0, btw)
(b) What happens if different users, on different X terminals, all try to
display at once - do they receive concurrent or sequential service?

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