Concurrent d.rast

Ken Sibley ksibley at
Wed Jul 6 10:57:56 EDT 1994

> Martin writes about my problems with running several 'd.rast' commands
> concurrently:
> > 2) If your <map1> and <map2> are in different regions, that might cause
> > trouble... 
> All maps are in the same region. I guess my main questions are whether I have
> struck some limitation with GRASS, whether the problem is due to the use of
> an outdated X driver, or whether our installation process is the culprit. Any
> clues?
I do not have all of the answers for you, but maybe I can help narrow down
your problem.  We often times run multiple sessions of grass on one 
machine in which case there are multiple graphics sessions running 
simultaneously.  We even run classes this way where there are 3-5 redraws
happening simultaneously.  We also have demos that run as many as 3 
monitors (x0,x1,and x2) and draw to them sequentually.  Is there a reason
why you cannot allow them to be drawn sequentually such as:
d.mon sel=x0
d.rast image1
d.mon sel=x1
d.rast image2
d.mon sel=x2
d.rast image3
We have several demos that do this and have never had a problem.

Let me know if you have any more questions and maybe I can help you

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