Elf & COFF

Bill Brown brown at diego.cecer.army.mil
Wed Jul 20 09:37:59 EDT 1994


SGI changed their object file format when they went to IRIX 5._ 
So in order to compile a new grass program (which uses previously
compiled libraries), you will have to recompile the libraries.  You
should probably delete all the object & executables in GRASS and
recompile the whole thing.  If you have some systems which are still
using IRIX 4._ sharing the same executables, then just recompile
GRASS under 5.2 with a different head file containing different 
ARCH and GISBASE (see the head file I sent you for a few other flag 
settings that are different under 5.2).  Then on any systems that
run 5.2, the grass4.1 & xgrass4.1 startup scripts need to reflect 
the different GISBASE.

- Bill Brown

PS - your "who" & "directory" requests should be sent to:
     grassp-request at max.cecer.army.mil
     (not grassp-list at max.cecer.army.mil)

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