Linux & LTPlus

Janne Soimasuo jsoi at
Thu Jul 21 12:08:55 EDT 1994

 I'm compiling LTplus for Linux and I met some problems with system-calls
 (define in sys/ipc.h and sys/msg.h). 
The problematic part is LTPlus/source/in/system_ltp.c
 when compiling with SunOS there is no problems but with Linux gcc says:
 system_ltp.c: In function `system_ltp':
 system_ltp.c:45: warning: passing arg 2 of `msgsnd' from incompatible pointer type
 system_ltp.c:56: warning: passing arg 2 of `msgrcv' from incompatible pointer type
 msgsnd and msgrcv are defined similarily in both systems.
 Is there anyone more familiar with msg-code to help me with this problem.
 Or is there any patches for Linux-LTPlus ?
 Now the program starts but it isn't possible to open any files, so nothing
 can be done with program right now.
 If I manage to greate running Linux-binaries, I will put binaries and patches 
 publicly available

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