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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Thu Jul 28 10:43:25 EDT 1994

> To be able to create high resolution (2000 x 2666) PostScript output to a 
> slidewriter, I uncommented the lines pertaining to the CELL monitor in 
> the monitorcap file and inserted CELL_HEIGHT and CELL_WIDTH values into 
> my .grassrc file. I then started the CELL monitor, set the region to 
> contain a very high number of cells, and issued display commands for 
> several map layers. Stopping the CELL monitor, I expected the newly 
> created raster map layer D_cell to have a 2000 x 2666 size, but it 
> didn't. It was only 640 x 480 cells in size. I suspect this must have 
> been hardwired in the CELL driver. Can anyone confirm this and supply a 
> method of changing these values?
> P. Martijn van Leusen
> Institute of Prehistory, University of Amsterdam   martijn at

The variables in .grassrc are not automatically exported to your environment.
You can either set these environmental variables manually ( setenv CELL_HEIGHT
2666, etc., if you are running csh), or have them set automatically by
creating a .grass.cshrc file in your home directory with these variables
added to it (normally, copy your standard .cshrc to .grass.cshrc and edit it).

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