Postscript from GRASS - yes again !!

Laurence A. McCaig mccaigl at
Fri Jul 29 01:06:00 EDT 1994

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: Well we got the extra 4Mb of memory for our XL300 - I can now get Corel 
: to plot a full A3 image onto it without the clipping that occurred with 
: only 6Mb installed.

: Problem is that the output from GRASS is still being clipped  8-(

: I'm now well confused over this - I've used ghostscipt to view the test 
: A3 and the X11 preview window does show that the 'paper' has the various 
: lines and points on it. But sending it from our workstation, through to 
: the same Novell printer server that Corel plotted on, and the result is a 
: clipped plot - slightly more than an A4 plot in area.

: Could someone perhaps produce a simple A3 plot which I could ftp and try.

: Or suggest what I'm doing wrong.

: Thanks mucho in advance - because I know that you are all so eager to 
: help - PLEASE

: Steve Culshaw
: NRA North West
: e-mail : nra at (use this for general usage)
: or         sculshaw at (Private - only checked at best 
: biweekly)


	I cannot answer your question, but perhaps you can answer mine.
I have a client/server application which requires me to send one page of
postscript information from a client (VAX running VMS (ugh)) to a server
on an HP-UNIX server running ghostscript.

	I don't know how from the server side to tell ghostscript to
release the image that I have sent it, so that I can send a new one. (If
interactive, it expects a break ^c command followed by quit. That will
work, but is slow. Do you know of a driver that will do the job faster?


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