Compiled GRASS transferable between identical platforms?

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Fri Jun 17 06:46:30 EDT 1994

Craig Anderson (caa at noaacdc.Colorado.EDU) writes on 14 Jun 94:
>	A colleague of mine was wondering if he could take his compiled version
>of GRASS and copy it to another machine with identical hardware and software
>without having to recompile it.  It is a given that he would also have to 
>change some path names that on the new machine and some internal GRASS files.  
>But the end question is would it work reliably or is recompilation usually 
>the recommended procedure?

I don't really see this as being much different than just mounting a
directory (we run the same binaries on a few dozen machines).

Things to look out for:
 1. be sure that we're talking about exactly the same OS (shared library
 2. for changed paths, check:
    grass4.1 and gmake4.1 scripts
    the default database path
 3. depending upon how it is copied, you may want to re-create named pipes

have I forgotten anything?


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