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Mon Jun 20 14:07:00 EDT 1994

Does anyone know if '' works with A3 size paper ?

I've tried setting up a new description in the \ps.device directory for 
an A3 paintjet (the HP Paintjet 300XL with the Postscript option), but 
the plot is always chopped off. I've had a look at the Postscript from 
GRASS and the '%%:Bounding Box' is set to a lower left of '36 395' and 
the upper right '810 1116'. 

My prototype definition for the paintjet is something like :-
page width: 11.75
page height: 16.5
top margin: 1.0
bottom margin: 0.5
left margin: 0.5
right margin : 0.5
resolution: 300

Now as I understand it - please correct if I've screwed up - these 
coordinates are in 1/72 inch. Thus the upper right is defined to be 
x=11.25  and y=15.5 inches. Similarly the lower left is x=0.5 but why is 
the y=5.486111 ??

I've looked at the output Postscript from GRASS, using Ghostscript, and 
the image that it shows is chopped off in the same way as the output from 
the paintjet ??

Can anyone explain/ tell me how to fix it/ point me in the right 
direction/ HELP !!!

Thanks in advance,

Steve Culshaw
NRA North West
e-mail : nra at (use this for general usage)
or         sculshaw at (Private - only checked at best 

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