James Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Jun 20 10:04:02 EDT 1994

Angela Pereira (angela.pereira at cen.jrc.it) writes on 20 Jun 94:
>I am programming a tool for routing within GRASS... I have no compilation errors, and "minor" lint errors... When I run the tool, it dumps a core.
>I can't run dbx inside Grass4.1... any suggestion?! :-((

[I'm CC'ing grassp because this is not obvious to someone who
 hasn't fiddled with gmake much --jdm]

if you simply cp'ed a Gmakefile to use as a template, then
you may have noticed that the -s option is used when linking
(which strips the symbols). To get around this, I usually
define the following in my Gmakefiles:


This will at least let you look at your own code with dbx. If you really
feel that there may be a problem with a grass library function,
you can do something similar in the library directory and re-create
the archive in question.


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