Desperately need help with Grass4.1 compilation

Anthony Bizos 107BIZ at
Sat Jun 25 13:59:56 EDT 1994

Hi, my name is Anthony Bizos and I am a postgrad at the University  of the Witw
atersrand (WITS) in South Africa. We have a SUN4m architecture SS2000 setup wit
h gcc and cc. The system is a new purchase ad myself and the entire sys admin c
rew cannot get past the setup script of grass4.1 . If anyone is currently using
 Grass4.1 on such a platform and is prepared to assist our systems admin crew w
e would appreciate it. Appologies for posting to everyone but this is my lasy r
esort. We hope to do archaeological site distribution modelling and analysis on
 the system.
Anticipating your reply

 Anthony Bizos

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