New version of interpolation library

Irina K. kosinov at
Mon Jun 27 16:20:25 EDT 1994

This is my THIRD try to post this message

I have installed the new version of interpolation library on under /grass/incoming/interp_lib_new.shar.Z

It contains some bug fixes :mask option now works and
the program doesn't get killed anymore for hundreds of thousands points.

It also has a new version of r.resample.tps which is to replace the
not-library version.

To install:

1) uncompress interp_lib.shar.Z
2) sh interp_lib_new.shar

This creates 5 directories -- tree/, data/, interp/,, and r.resample.tps.

3) run gmake4.1 in tree/ and data/
4) run gmake4.1 in interp/
5) run gmake4.1 in the programs' directories

Note: the binaries go to BIn_CONTRIB_CMD so the binary is
called in order to avoid replacing 4.1 version.

Write me if there are any question


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