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Ronald Wiemer ronald at
Wed Mar 2 12:28:46 EST 1994


If you have a workstation running solaris2.x, or a machine that doesn't support
fifo's and you want do do a little experiment, the following might be 

I had problems with the Xdriver running on solaris2.3. It was very slow. 
I changed the communication bewteen the grass display-programs and the Xdriver.
Instead of fifo's, my version uses message queues. On solaris, this construction
is much faster. If you want to have a try, you can get the file:


from grass/incoming, and follow the instructions in the file README, which is
part of the tar file. be aware of the fact, that if things don't work as
you would expect, you have to be able to recover the original version, using

If you use other drivers as well, like the CELL-driver, you cannot use it
anymore, since I didn't modify the code for other drivers.

I have no idea of the platforms this modification will work. I only tried
solaris2.3 and sunos4.1.2. Both worked, but on sunos, the performance didn't
increase very much.

Ronald Wiemer

ARCHIS, the Netherlands

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