XDIGIT display problem

Ken Sibley ksibley at ncg.scs.ag.gov
Wed Mar 2 10:51:23 EST 1994

> Dear grass users and programmers:
> When I run xdigit session I couldn't see anything displayed on its graphic
>  window. However,  if I save the edited version of the map, I could 
> display it correctly with d.vect.  Anybody there has faced this problem 
> before? Or any expert knows how to fix it, Please let me know. 
> I'll very appreciate.
>         Thank you in advance
>         PK Lin 
>         E-mail: pklin at cerf.net
>         Tel: (617)942-1655

I am not sure at what point you cannot see the map.  When you call up
xdigit you must select open off of the file menu (top left).  The map
you wish to open must be in your mapset or it will not show up.  If you
still do not see the map after selecting it then let me know.

Ken Sibley
ksibley at ncg.scs.ag.gov

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