XGRASS problem

PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Wed Mar 2 08:35:06 EST 1994

Dear grass users and programmers:

There is a question posted earlier this week about XGRASS session setup window.
I have the same problem in my system (USL UNIX SVR4.2). Basically, I cannot
type in any string of characters in any of the fields of "Add New Session" 
However, I does not get the core dump. The program is just not accept any input
from the keyboard.

By the way, in my compilation the variable retBuf[256] in xc.name.c is defined 
as static char. Furthermore, the file $GISBASE/etc/databases and the files 
underuse xgdatabases command the problem may be walked around. But anyone knows 
to solve it?  Thank you for any information that may help.

        PK Lin 
        E-mail: pklin at cerf.net
        Tel: (617)942-1655

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