XGRASS problem

Joe Plesha root at bgdem1.cr.usgs.gov
Wed Mar 2 10:52:22 EST 1994

> Dear grass users and programmers:
> There is a question posted earlier this week about XGRASS session setup window.
> I have the same problem in my system (USL UNIX SVR4.2). Basically, I cannot
> type in any string of characters in any of the fields of "Add New Session" 
> window.
> However, I does not get the core dump. The program is just not accept any input
> from the keyboard.
> By the way, in my compilation the variable retBuf[256] in xc.name.c is defined 
> as static char. Furthermore, the file $GISBASE/etc/databases and the files 
> underuse xgdatabases command the problem may be walked around. But anyone knows 
> how  
> to solve it?  Thank you for any information that may help.
>         PK Lin 
>         E-mail: pklin at cerf.net
>         Tel: (617)942-1655
        Hi there,
   For all of those using X11R5 and Motif 1.2.x let it be known that in order
   to get the keyboard to respond, in the database window, you must press the
   center key of your mouse while you type. Have fun.

                                        Joe Plesha
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