New GRASS Monthly Periodical (Finally) Available

ALOBO alobo at
Wed Mar 2 14:43:28 EST 1994

Simon Cox says:

"We can only accept prepaid orders in US funds."

at the risk of sounding like a whinge (it is!), us outside the US
are continuously frustrated (and a little insulted) that US orgs,
more or less uniquely, refuse to process funds received in other
currencies. """""

I agree it would be better that Chirps! could be paid using a credit card,
even if this implies a little raise in the price. But I find logical
that we have to pay a US magazine in US $. Even pricing in different currencies
would be a problem. Anyway, I don't understand why you feel insulted, they 
have a currency in the US, and they use it to sell their products. I would
find anything else quite unnatural.


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