Pizza Money for Grad Students

Mark P. Line markline at
Thu Mar 3 04:28:27 EST 1994

For future issues of Chirp! (a monthly paper periodical based largely
on reviews of GRASSHopper mail; see my previous posting), we are currently
in need of additional Contributing Editors who would be willing to
shoulder part of the burden -- whether just for one issue or on a
continual basis.

The task of a Contributing Editor is to review archived GRASSHopper mail
from specific months that relates to his or her agreed-upon subject
area(s), and then write up a review article which makes the material
easily accessible for Chirp! readers. Editors need not be native speakers
of English -- somebody here just needs to be able to understand what you
write. We might be able to handle Australian English.

Some good ideas for subject areas that could really use a contributing
editor would be 

-- imagery processing
-- specific hardware and/or operating-system platforms
-- softcopy output
-- hardcopy output
-- data import & conversion
-- specific related software packages (LTPlus, MAPGEN, PROJ, RIM, GNUPLOT,
   pbmplus, ...)

but we're open to all suggested portfolios. We pay royalties for all
contributed articles on the basis of both word count and circulation
(higher royalties for more words, higher royalties for more copies of that
issue sold). 

If you think you might be interested in contributing to the embryonic Chirp!
effort in this way, then please contact me forthwith. I love to write, and
I want to keep it that way. :) 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, joined in
progress ...

-- Mark

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