XDIGIT display problem

PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Fri Mar 4 09:53:56 EST 1994

	Actually I am open a new file and try to digitize some
vector features on it. While I do the digitizing, say plot a
new line thw that line will not showup on the graphic
window. I checked the current region and it should be okay.
However, if I save whatever I digitized ( though I couldn't
see anything when I using the mouse do the drawing on the
graphic window), and jump out of v. xdigit, and use
d.rast I can display the image that I just created. This
seems suggest me that everything is fu fine, eccept
the graphic display has some problem.

	On the other test, if I invoke xdigit and try
to edit a old exit vector map. It should display the
content on the graphic window before I do any editing.
However, In my case there is nothing hea happend
on the graphic woindow. But if I pretend there is a
map there, and add whatever on that map, I it will be
saved and can be displayed by d.vect. Sorry, in thae
fistrst cases above, d.rast should be d.vect , too.

	I am using USL SVR4.2 with X11R4.2
with X11R5 Motif 1.2. Does this problem has anything
to do with the version of X11R%5 and Motif2.121.2?
Anyone can help? 
	Thanks for any help.

		PK Lin
		E-maoil: Ppklin at cerf.net
		Tel: (617)942-1655

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