Importing sun raster files

martijn at martijn at
Fri Mar 18 11:41:00 EST 1994

A few days ago I mentioned having problems importing sunraster files with Some of the files were imported correctly, others were 
`skewed' so that the original scanned B/W topographic map could not be 
recognised. As far as I can see this has nothing to do with the file 
size, because some 5000 x 6000 files have imported correctly, while some 
3000 x 5000 files have not. The bug must be in, because the 
files can be read by xv in raster format without a hitch...

Now I tried to bypass by creating PBM files in xv and 
importing those using Whaddayaknow, exactly the same error occurs!
I'm really stuck here, so if anybody can tell me what is wrong with and/or, or is willing to have a look at the 
offending file, please let me know!

P. Martijn van Leusen

Institute of Prehistory, University of Amsterdam
martijn at

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