Black and White monitors

Peter Mikes mikes at
Fri Mar 18 12:11:39 EST 1994

> From grass-lists-owner at Fri Mar 18 08:48:35 1994
> Somebody please answer my request about Black and White terminls.
> d.mon fails to open up a monitor on Black and White monitors.
> Do we have to create a seperate driver for B&W terminals?
> Nalneesh Gaur, River Forecast Center, TULSA  

 You could ( should) handle that in X-level, independently of grass,
 since all of your X-allp are on B&W monitor (right?) 
Your DISPLAY points to  host.server.scree  and screen can hav different values

e.g on sun3/110 screen 0 was B&W, screen 1 was color ..     pom

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