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Ken Sibley ksibley at
Wed Mar 23 13:58:22 EST 1994

> Hi frields,
> 	I compiled tcltkgrass. The compilation process is fine. However,
> if I invoke "supper view" window and try to display some map(s) on its
> own graphic display, I get nothing responsed back in the graphic window.
> In the grass conference Mr.Gilles Clement said that they rewrite the
> XDRIVER. I couldn't find the code for XDRIVER in the tcltkgrass.tar.Z
> package. Here is my questions:
> 	1. Do I missing something from ftp?
I did not see anything about another XDRIVER in the tar file.
> 	2. Where is the new XDRIVER for this "supper view" graphic window?
> 	   since it really improves the display a lot I would like to see
> 	   it.
The supper view window is seperate from the XDRIVER.
> 	3. Does "supper view" graphic window need this new XDRIVER in order
> 	   to perform its tasks?
> 	4. Anyone knows how to display a map in supper view could give me
> 	   an example about how to do it. Do I have to setup the database
> 	   in some special way to make the display possible?
Run the tcltkgrass startup script.  This will start grass and bring up your menu bar.
Pull down the Display menu and select "Open a super view".  This should start a seperate
window titled .v1.  There should be a blank graphics portion and then a portion to the left
with several buttons on it.  Press the top button that looks like a stack of papers.
This will open a spatial layer window where you can select the map, map type, mapset, etc...
Press add layer to select a map and then press apply to actually display the map.
> 			Thanks for any information and help in advance
> 			PK Lin 
> 			E-mail: pklin at
> 			Tel: (617)942-1655
Hope this helps.  Beware though, this window has crashed on us several times while playing.

Ken Sibley
ksibley at

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