tcltkgrass driver

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Mar 23 12:14:42 EST 1994

just a few notes here on Solaris...

has this been tested under solaris2.3/gcc 2.5.5? I don't think so...
I get a core dump. I have managed to get something working with:
  cc: C Development Set  (CDS) SPARCompilers 2.0.1 03 Sep 1992
however, I have not been able to make it display anything (all of I
have are sites - maybe it's a user problem?).

1. there's all kinds of prototype incompatibilities
   e.g., draw() should NOT be int if used as the first
   argument to Tk_DoWhenIdle(). It should be declared 
   Tk_IdleProc (defined in tk.h as void.) I haven't checked
   out all of the other compiler warnings.

2. Also, tcltkgrass depends on tkConfig.h and tkInt.h which are not 
   normally installed when tk is installed.

3. For Solaris, add the command line flag -DHAVE_UNISTD_H

4. use 'tput init' in the tcktkgrass script instead of the old
   'eval `tset -Qs`', which doesn't exist in Solaris

5. I get the superview thing up, but I can never get any sites
   to display

   "Error: error reading bitmap file "../bitmap/arrow"

   when trying to display a site file. Apparently, this thing
   is not relocatable (i.e., I have to be at the right level
   in the right directory tree for this thing to work). This
   problem should be found by non-Solaris users.

Bottom line - I didn't get it to work :( Maybe next release
I'll try again. :)


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