tcl/tk grass discussion

PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Thu Mar 24 08:57:56 EST 1994

 Hi everyone, I would like to keep tcltkgrass problem discussion futhermore.
 Firstable, let me thank Davide Frison and James Darrell McCauley for sharing
 their time with me. Since L.A.S. does not issue any user's instruction yet,
 this good stuff may not be used for many people. I hope L.A.S. may join our
 discussion to clear up some confusion. I am here just re-send the message
 I sent to James Darrell McCauley.

 While I am compiling on USL UNIX SVR4.2 I got similar warning
messages. You may find correct type for those incompatible arguments
in include/tk.h and include/tcl.h and then cast them.

  I havn't tried to display site data. But vector and raster display
seems work well. Here is the sequence mouse click that you tried:

        1. invoke supperview and choose the view top left iconized
        button, click it.
        2. choose a type of the map you want to display.
        3. choose a map you want to display
        4. click add maplayer button   
        5. choose a color 
        6. then click Apply buttom or any 3 button on the supperview
           window on the left (next to the very top one)

  My supperview window still not work well. Here are the problems:

        1. Whenever after an other window overlay on it, the overlay
           part of that window will stay on the superview, untill you
           do a redisplay.      

        2. I couldn't do add grid. It give me a core dump.

  I havn't tried whole a lot of other functions on the main menu bar.
  However I tried display text. it only asks you for size and color,
  but not text input. I tried to redirect the text from standard
  input and it does not work at all. I am wondering I did something
  wrong or it's a bug?

  Very last question, how can we draw text on supperview window   
  instead of draw on "X0, X1, X2, ..." window? If so, can we
  access UNIX system font sets instead of using GRASS font set?

  Thank you for all the people that share their time with me to
  dig the problem out.

                PK Lin
                E-mail: pklin at
                Tel: (617)942-1655

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