Censorship of GRASSHopper Traffic???!!!

Doug Dotson ld+0075!dotson at uu5.psi.com
Wed May 25 12:48:39 EDT 1994

> By "censoring", do you mean you posted a message that did not get
> reflected to the members of the list?


>If that is the case, then I find it
> quite amazing -- I was under the impression that this list server was
> fully automatic, with no human intervention at all.

So was I.

> You very much need to
> document this case of censorship so that it can be investigated.

Investigated by whom? To what end? 

>If you
> cannot document such a case of censorship, then you need to retract your
> statement.

Keep things in perspective.  This issue is not worth the kind of
energy you are suggesting.  Unlike many Internet'ers, I actually do
have a life.  My statement reflects my interpretation of what I experienced
and as such I will let it stand, that's all.

Doug Dotson

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