Censorship of GRASSHopper Traffic???!!!

Mark P. Line markline at henson.cc.wwu.edu
Wed May 25 19:04:49 EDT 1994

On Wed, 25 May 1994, Doug Dotson wrote:

> > You very much need to
> > document this case of censorship so that it can be investigated.
> Investigated by whom? To what end? 

Do I need to spell it out? Your accusation of censorship implies
malevolence on the part of somebody who can manipulate the list server --
that means somebody at USACERL, doesn't it? If it is official CERL policy
to censor certain messages, then I want to know about it. If it is not
official policy, then I assume that CERL management will want to
investigate your accusation. Don't you? The reason for doing so,
obviously, is to help prevent such censorship from happening in the
future. If all this doesn't interest, then I don't understand why you made
the public accusation of censorship in the first place.

> >If you
> > cannot document such a case of censorship, then you need to retract your
> > statement.
> Keep things in perspective.  This issue is not worth the kind of
> energy you are suggesting.  Unlike many Internet'ers, I actually do
> have a life.  My statement reflects my interpretation of what I experienced
> and as such I will let it stand, that's all.

I have a life too, and most of it is related to the Internet. I don't
think you can let public accusations stand unless you can prove them.

-- Mark

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