GRASS on the Web

Bill Brown brown at
Wed Oct 12 16:31:00 EDT 1994

I just put a couple of documents on our Web server that have links to
other Web sites using GRASS.  They will be linked to the main GRASS
page eventually, but until then, I was hoping you all could look at them
and send me corrections/additions.  If there get to be a lot of them,
I'll organize the links better - for now it's just a list.

The first one is :

This one will hopefully have a lot of GRASS applications examples
from all around the world.

The other one is:

This one should point to the various ftp sites where GRASS programmers
and users have "unofficial" GRASS programs and binary releases.  I 
know I'm missing some here - what's the one in Europe?

Thanks - 

Bill Brown

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