Searching an algorithm.

A Pearce se4ap at
Thu Oct 13 09:05:27 EDT 1994

In article <9410101305.AA20494 at>, you write:
> Hi:
> I am making a program, and I need an algorithm to calculate the watershed basin 
> upstream of a outlet point. I know an algorithm that was documented in GRASS 
> manuals but doesn't exist, this algorithm was named r.water.outlet.
> I would like to have the source code or the A* Search Algorithm to Develop 
> Hydrologic Models from Digital Elevation Data (Charles Ehlschlaeger, U.S. Army
> Construction Engineering Research Laboratory)
>                                        Thanks in advance.
> Gonzalo Carrero Perez.

	If you manage to get a copy of the algorithm could you please send a
copy to me se4ap at I believe my friend is doing a project that
would be greatly helped by that algorithm. Or any other algorithm 
involving water flow. 
	His project is concerning displaying the effects of water flow over time

	Thanks in advance 
			Andrew (Peachy) Pearce.

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