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Mon Oct 17 08:50:38 EDT 1994

A Pearce (se4ap at writes on 13 Oct 94:
>In article <9410101305.AA20494 at>, you write:
>> I would like to have the source code or the A* Search Algorithm to Develop 
>> Hydrologic Models from Digital Elevation Data (Charles Ehlschlaeger, U.S. Army
>> Gonzalo Carrero Perez.
>	If you manage to get a copy of the algorithm could you please send a
>copy to me se4ap at I believe my friend is doing a project that
>would be greatly helped by that algorithm. Or any other algorithm 
>involving water flow. 

I'm not sure of the specifics of water flow, but the A*
algorithm is used in lots of places. You can find an
explanation, psuedo-code, and LISP implementation in:

@Book{ tanimoto87,
  author = 	"Steven L. Tanimoto",
  title = 	"The Elements of Artificial Intelligence: An
		 Introduction using {LISP}",
  publisher = 	"Computer Science Press",
  year = 	"1987",
  editor = 	"Algred V. Aho and Jeffery D. Ullman",
  volume = 	"11",
  series = 	"Principles of Computer Science Series"

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