Problem installing SCS mapgen

Alejandro Hinojosa Corona alhinc at
Mon Oct 24 14:19:49 EDT 1994

Greetings from Baja California:

I am having problems installing the SCS module
of mapgen. The trouble is when gmake4.1 is in the misc directory 
and it runs the setup_map shell. I think the problem is in
the mapdef program that in turn calls proj, and proj needs
some sort of initialization. Previously I've succesfully installed
PROJ.4 with make.

The following is the piece of code in setup_map where the error

   find etc -print | cpio -ocv | (cd ${GRAPH}; cpio -idumcv)
   PATH=$PATH:$GRAPH/bin; export PATH
-> $GRAPH/bin/mapdef $GRAPH/etc/showfont/map.def < etc/showfont/map.def.par

and the following is the error message:

5642 blocks
projection initialization failure
cause: no system list, errno: 2

program abnomally terminated
</im/grass/mapgen/bin/mapdef>: invalid header

Do you know how can i fix it. Thanks in advance :)

Alejandro Hinojosa
Research Associate
Earth Science Division
CICESE (Centro de Investigacion Cientifica y Educacion Superior de Ensenada)
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

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