compiling xgrass under Irix5.2

Bill Brown brown at
Wed Oct 26 09:41:49 EDT 1994

Compile notes for IRIX 5.2
A few compile problems:

When running the setup script I got complaints about some libraries
not being found - just ignore them.  The script looks for certain
names and can't find them, but cc seems to know to look for the
shared version of the library.

To fix the i.points,, i.vpoints problem:
make the function "screen" in the files "mark.c" a non-static function.
(Just delete the keyword "static" where the function is defined)
These files need to get this fix:

To compile xgrass, I needed to use these XCFLAGS: 
XCFLAGS             = -D_NO_PROTO -DXM_1_1_BC -Umips

To compile v.digit, I needed to remove this dependancy from the Gmakefile:
menus.o: menus.i

Everything else compiled OK.

xdigit did not work correctly when run.  To fix I added this test in the
function init_graphics() in the file src/xgrass/xdigit/draw.c : (~line 76)

	/* ...body of function... */

There also seems to be a problem in - actually when
calls, get a core dump.  I haven't figured out why this is
happening, so I'm using the IRIX 4.0.5 executable of  I put this
on as /grass/incoming/
Get this binary & copy it to GISBASE/etc/

I don't have any digitizers to set up, so didn't try that ( I do use
digitizer "none" ).   I also don't have any plotters.

This is the head file I used:

CC                  = cc
ARCH                = sgi5

GISBASE             = /GRASS.bin/4.1/sgi5
UNIX_BIN            = /usr/local/bin

DEFAULT_DATABASE    = /data/foghorn/4.0
DEFAULT_LOCATION    = spearfish

COMPILE_FLAGS       = -O -cckr
LDFLAGS             = -s

XCFLAGS             = -D_NO_PROTO -DXM_1_1_BC -Umips
XLDFLAGS            = -lPW
XINCPATH            =
XMINCPATH           =
XLIBPATH            =
XTLIBPATH           = -L/usr/lib
XMLIBPATH           = -L/usr/lib
XLIB                = -lX11
XTLIB               = -lXt
XMLIB               = -lXm
XEXTRALIBS          = -lPW

TERMLIB             = -ltermlib
CURSES              = -lcurses $(TERMLIB)
MATHLIB             = -lm

#                   LIBRULE = ar ruv $@ $?
#                   LIBRULE = ar ruv $@ $?; ranlib $@
#                   LIBRULE = ar ruv $@ $?; ar ts $@
#                   LIBRULE = ar rc $@ `lorder $(OBJ) | tsort`
LIBRULE             = ar ruv $@ $?

USE_MTIO            = -DUSE_MTIO
USE_FTIME           =

XDRLIB = -lsun

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