Deriving values from a raster map

N R A nra at
Thu Sep 1 13:57:00 EDT 1994

Is there anyway to determine the value of a number of raster layers at a 
position defined by a sites file ?

The example our Hydrology want to do is :-
they have a sites file containing their tipping bucket raingauges and we 
have various raster data sets, such as potential evaporation, standard 
average annual rainfall, etc. They would like to be able to 'simply' get 
the value of each raster at each raingauge site

I've shown them 'd.what.rast map=x,y,....' and they think that's great - 
I just feel that there should be some way to do it in a more elegant 

Thanks for any help,

Steve Culshaw
NRA North West
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or         sculshaw at (Private - only checked at best 

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